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1. I am confused about what I want to do. How can I move past that?
2. I want to stay calm. The anger exercises seem to be bad for my psyche.

1. Who am „I“? Who or what is this „I“?
2. Why am I procrastinating?

What is love?

1. How can you get over a break-up when you have to bump everyday at work into your ex?
2. I am 18 and proposed to my childhood sweetheart. She is silent. I would like to know how she feels about me.

1. Is it wrong to be mad? My ex tells me not to get upset and make me look like I am crazy when I stand up for myself.

2. I am told that it is good to rise early and go to bed early but I feel better when I can live like a night-owl.. Is it true that it is bad for me to be a night-owl?

1. What are some good daily tasks to improve awareness on and raise emotional intelligence
2. Can you please explain what you meant in your book when you say: „If you try to give your power away to a true master-teacher she will refuse it. She will want you to keep your own power.”

1. How do you stay in a high vibration, when what you are asking for is taking a long time to manifest.

2. In some countries there are no indigenous people, no elders. They had many years of conquest, colonisation, witch-hunting and war for religious reasons. How can these people return to their connection with their spiritual roots?

1. How do you move on from your soulmate when you’re still in love with them?
2. I’m in a long distance relationship. He’s in Nigeria. How can I get him to make plans to meet and not change the subject?

1. Is it possible to live and work with angels and spirit-animals at the same time?
2. In the farthest corner of my heart I feel I am not worth being loved. I am tired of that pattern. How can I learn to accept and love myself?

  1. What do you think of Twin Souls?
  2. I’ve had several fears that have been stopping me, such as fear of death, fear of public speaking and fear of being hurt, so I don’t open up and become vulnerable. What can I do?

1. Is there a natural way to increase dopamine / happiness in your brain?
2. Should I stay in my relationship and work on myself, or leave?

1. I’d like some help on how to be less jealous or stop thinking my boyfriend may be cheating on me all the time. I feel so insecure….

2. How can I emotionally make one of the hardest decisions of my life: to end my marriage with the father of my 2 young children.

3. This week has been a very trying week – How do I keep from going into being completely sucked into a dark mindset? How can I handle the negative feelings?

1. How can I work on my anxiety, like if I lose my temper my whole body shivers and my heart starts to beat very fast.

2. The three worlds: lower, middle and upper world are known in many traditions. For which purpose would you visit which world?

1. Is fighting back against Narcissism a healthy emotion? All too often the abused is counselled that walking away is the only way to cope or survive. Yet they are miserable.

2. Understanding Yin and Yang in relationships is important for relationships. What is one of your go to Strategies for men to centre themselves on their heart and be present for a conversation with their spouse?

1.What is gut feeling? Why is it in the gut and not in the brain or the heart?
2.Do you feel that it’s important to begin your day with a motivated spirit, say reading affirmations, the Bible, in prayer, or in yoga stretching?
3.I’m a highly sensitive person and I cannot help but feel and absorb other people’s emotions. How can I create a boundary, how can I protect myself from emotions that belong to others?

1. When I have spirits hanging around me, should I show them love and oneness or should I be strict and tell them to go away?
2. From your experience and insight, do we need science to restore the health and balance of humanity on the visible plane, and if yes, in what way?
3. What is a gut feeling? And why is it in the gut and not in the brain or the heart?

1. How can we live with the tragic and horrendous events in this world?
2. How do I win him back?

1. Sometimes I can see and feel the future. What does our ability to see and feel the future depend on?
2. Why do women have affairs with married men?

1. What ways are there for communicating with creation?
2. Do you believe there is a life after death? What happens to our energy?

1. What impact does a forced false promise have on my system?
2. How do I differentiate my system from external influences?

1. What might be a reason for a woman not to have children?
2. When a dying person asks you what to expect on the other side, what would you answer?

1. How do I know if what I am feeling are my own feelings?
2. Where does the name ‚Soleil‘ come from and what does it mean to you?

1. What is necessary for humanity to survive the next 200 years?
2. What happens to soul and mind when consuming alcohol?

1. How can I not waste time finding the right man?
2. How can I heal a series of unfortunate relationships?
3. Who are the Gods and how do they live and die?