1. What ways are there for communicating with creation?
2. Do you believe there is a life after death? What happens to our energy?

1. What impact does a forced false promise have on my system?
2. How do I differentiate my system from external influences?

1. What might be a reason for a woman not to have children?
2. When a dying person asks you what to expect on the other side, what would you answer?

1. How do I know if what I am feeling are my own feelings?
2. Where does the name ‚Soleil‘ come from and what does it mean to you?


1. What is necessary for humanity to survive the next 200 years?
2. What happens to soul and mind when consuming alcohol?

1. How to not waste time finding the right man.
2. How to heal a series of unfortunate relationships.
3. Who are the Gods and how do they live and die?