​An online course on FEELINGS? Yes! People from around the world have been wanting to join the in-person course. They cannot get visas, cannot afford the trip, they don’t like groups, it is too scary…

Here is your opportunity: we have been working hard to produce the world’s top online course on feelings for you.

42Feelings online begins soon

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The online course on FEELINGS

  • guides you step by step from everyday drama to peace and feeling good.
  • provides you with a clear understanding of emotional techniques and dynamics.
  • offers three months of a great variety of exercises you can easily do at home.
  • supplies you with answers to your questions.
  • shares examples from real life.
  • meets up on webinars.
  • provides you with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of feelings.
  • provides you with time to integrate and move along at your own speed.
  • covers a series of healing methods for home use.
  • provides diagrams, tables and guided meditations for easy and multi-faceted learning.
  • Takes you beyond the In-person course from Low-Drama through High-Drama to a state of brilliant compassion.

Knowledge is power and feeling good is your birthright.

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I have designed the free guided meditation for you to intuitively grasp the dynamics of unhealthy situations and disengage from them. It is intended to bring that sparkle back into your eyes when grey clouds try to engulf you. It guides you to taking back the power of your feelings and focuses you on being clear and free. Please share Feeling Good.

Most people are inanimate pawns on a chessboard – pushed around by invisible forces in Low Drama. Some people become part of the Queen’s court in High Drama. The big paradigm shift happens when you become the player – beyond drama. To learn more about the course go to 42feelings.com

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